Victoria is a makeup artist based out of Newport Beach, California. She has an extensive, and deep understanding for the world of makeup artistry. In her earlier days of picking up the brushes, and much before mastering her artistic passions. She had dedicated herself through vigorous amounts of training, and graduated from the world’s oldest and most famous school of makeup, Elegance International, in the heart of Hollywood, California. Aside from doing makeup for runway shoots, and special effects for Television and Films, she also specializes in airbrush and traditional makeup for all sorts of occasions. With over a decade of experience in the world of makeup artistry, Victoria's goal is to bring out her client's natural beauty, enhancing it to help them feel both pleased and confident during their special moment. Being a part of a couple's wedding day, is one of her favorite joy. The once in a lifetime opportunity, allows her to touch their lives with love and passion, by painting it with colors and meanings using the brush skills she was born with, and had mastered over the course of her life.